Get Back prod. by Andrew


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Verse 1:
It's only been a few years can still count 'em on my hands
Always been about my rap, mean time I fucked around in bands
Felt the weight on my back when i couldn't pay the rent
Felt the ache in my heart when I left my momma nest
All in the hopes to be the next white dude who do it best
Make some tunes, make you move, got the groove
To make the roof on this bitch get loose and tear it off in a second
Bust a move to the heavens, let my crew be all the reverends
Save who? Save yourself cause I been blessed man
"OCDC" rep it like my family crest man, I keep it popping
Like a one man pep band, fakes weed themselves
So I ain't even gotta stress man
And that's some real life shit, I can't talk witcha
You don't live a real life bitch, All i do is put in work
Making moves just like these words, suffering to rule the world
Still having fun, still fucking girls, still "fuck the world"
My life ain't normal so I won't live it ordinary
Born to be an orphan shoulda just been an abortion baby
'Stead now I gotta be important, fuck the bread, fuck the end
Gramma gonna see them Porches, pray the lord man
Cop a door man for her so she ain't ever stressing a thing
When her grandbaby grinding so she can live out them days
Eating better, let her travel the world, ain't got no budget
That's the dream to have the world in my pocket and share the love

When I get back home, when I feel it in my bones
I know I'll feel it in my heart when I get that grown
I'ma swing for that one in a million, so they can feel
When that shit hits home, when they can feel it in their bones
And they can feel it at the shows, who knows I might blow
So take your photos, while the gettin's good
Same shit different hood

Verse 2
And I've been living like I made a million bucks
Even though I'm broke as fuck, I'm always in the Stu stuck
Slumped, Sup with the dabs I'm tryna smoke
Taking glob after glob after glob; don't choke
Yeah, no. By now you shoulda known the fucking motto
OCDC run it like we won the motherfucking lotto
Lady, ladies on the left, put all their John's up on the right
And escort 'em outside, then I'm gone Malaysian flight
Too soon? Good, I need the shock value. I ain't got a pretty face
Or a body I can flash you. Mind, mind over matter if I had her, you can have her,
Word to this weekend, set a reminder if you sleeping
He been, too hot to touch for a minute, Too bright to see since we was children
I'm a lone wolf, bury hard bones in these bitches this shit home grown
I don't even need any opinions, Cause I'm keeping it
Up until the rap game starts sleeping in, Less Carti's on the speakers
And more Deca-like material. It's like these rappers don't ever eat their cereal
I'm talking wheaties, if you like hands you can meet these...




released May 29, 2017



all rights reserved