Babygirl ft. Barnabis

by Andrew, Barnabis

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Babygirl, can I tell you;
Can I tell you the truth?
Can't take an L with you.
You'd just be too much to lose.
Up to you, fuck just to cum.
Do you even love me?

Babygirl, bet we could save the world.
With our love; with our love
I don't waste our time
You shine too bright
To keep inside
You gotta shine your light
On the world.

Kept it trill (with you)
Kept it real (with you)
On the low (hit you)
Who don't know (won't do)

Kept it trill (with you)
Kept it real (with you)
On the low (hit you)
You don't know (won't do)


Devilish smile
As she rides that pole with style
Show her my style
A player gonna do what he do
Hit it from the back once

Once in awhile,
Babygirl relying on the D from A
A couple times; no breaks
These double lines got you faced, babe
Got you looking for a safe space
And I got lines out the door
Cause everybody want a taste taste
Of the new new. And that's true boo
I'm true blue. Kinda hopin' you was too
But when's the last time a dream came true

Wrote this song for you
Now that's true
I was just tryna make some dreams come true


released June 4, 2017
Andrew and Jordan Barney



all rights reserved