The Worst Things in Life

by Andrew

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Its something i've been putting together for about 6 months. I named it the worst things in life because it was to have a completely free counterpart i have since decided to keep to myself. thanks for purchasing and let me know what your favorite track was and anything youd like to see merchandise wise.



released September 30, 2016

Beat producing contributions go to the homies: Seth for his wise drum nuggets, and Tommy for knowing what a motherfucker wants to hear. Barney for being the man to go to with all my verse needs and assesing melodies with me aswell, and my boi Donovan for being there from the start and always laying a tastey jam with the sings.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Intro ft. Barnabis
In my dreams I cross paths, with a man dressed in black
Every single time he tells me what I want is what I can have
But what am I? Just one man without a plan and some raps;
Written down in the notepad, gimme hope man
Show me some ropes man, it's getting old holding onto to the same old show
But I'm broken, gimme some hope man

Following 'em while I'm here, I'm hollering "What's way up there?"
he said "Expensive everything and everyones got perfect hair"
I'm acting like a milionaire, I'm on my way up there. Save me a spot;
make sure my names on there, Fast cars, big cities.
Bad broads coming with me, I'ma holler at my enemies'
"Guess you shoulda been friends with me." Coulda, shoulda, woulda.
Ain't that about a bitch it seems, I'ma light another one for my fake friends memory
Been a minute he, kinda just seems empty, he was so alive
Where'd that spark go in his eyes, he's a ghost, catatonic like he realized
It's gone be a long road, and you'll probably die before they ever decide to
Immortalize you, if the rap don't pay back then what'll you do?
I'm an American so I'll just live off you. Have a kid or two
And use 'em to benefit for the hell of it, and settle for modern medicine
Snort 'em and cope with shit again, lost hope and my mind got it back
And I can do it again, Prove it to 'em again. Take the whole scene over,
Got 'em wondering how this kids doing this shit, being new to this shit.
Could a million other motherfuckers do it like this? I'm just curious,
am I the best or am I just delerious?

Make money, buy a mall for the fuck of it. Methaphorically McDonalds
Cause the bitches always loving it, if not, then why is she hugging then?
Pussy popped and it's on to the next of kin, I ain't picky
I like 'em Mexican, black, asain, domestic and
anything with an ass and a rack really, Something to smack and snack on
And put the mac on, and write a rap song, and move the fuck on.
Im liking my non-stop tourettes. Gone, like my dad. Moms,
probably feels numb. I'm out to be a number one son.
So I can set her up for life, same with my Grandma.
They made me who I am bruh, I owe her more than I could evermake in a career
Love is what i feel when i fear I'm running out of time to make this clear
I owe you absolutely everything and that's fucking real.

Woke up in the middle of the night and pondered, just to go outside
Look up at the stars and realize that I am just this little ant
Crawling up a mountain, Like everyone else, light blunts and raise hell
Fights out, ya'll bail. Just buy what we sell, UGH.

I'll show a sage with the tea to insanity. You'll find within your humanity.
Look to the sky and you might mind. A few resaons to stay alive.
You got a good life and you can still do it right. UGH.
Track Name: Modern Man
Once again, here we go. It's the modern mans flow
We're pound for pound, we're going blow for blow.
We're here to put on a show, we're here to keep it ice cold
I'm bringing back the 90's, like I'm fucking with dope,
But I don't, I don't even fuck with hoes, you can catch me in the laboratory, pumping out gold, bumping loud tones
Gotcha girlfriend on the bass cab now she out cold.

Pardon me, I know I'm hard to see. I know it's hard to keep up
But I'm only showing up to leave, Guarding me?
You better check your ankles 'fore they break
Better watch your girl before she out the door, too late, ohh.
We don't hesitate, we make moves that you can't even contemplate
We doin' chess while you fags hop on the bandwagon COD train.
But it's over checkmate, ey.

I got 'em flossing, 'cause I make this look awesome.
White boy can sing his way through the bars,
and he raps just like an auction. (x3)

..right through the bars and I'm out the door
With money on the mind I'm always looking fore more
You could call it a grind but its a life for sure
When some don't make it out but you can't afford, to be
In the majority, fuck your authority. I run this until someone takes it by force from me, trained jedi, Qui-Gon ally
Better make your bed, cause I'm going straight for the neck.
And I'm blessed or some shit, when everyones always making assumptions
Always been that kid with the mad coming up shit
An underdog factor and a face like what bitch
An attitude on the verge of fuck it, If I'm mad at you
Then you fucking up then, cause I'm like
The nicest due you could run into
I got manners out the ass and etiquette to match.
Track Name: F*ck This
I walk less, I talk less, I'm just stuck in the studio
tryna make a little progress, I'm on this.
My minds on a mission, tryna cash out on some bitching
Poorly mixed and I've been skipping on some plug-ins here and there
But I swear, ( listen up, cause here it comes)
That's not a reflection of my character, I'm just barely here sometimes
Cause in my mind, I'm stuck thinking on the limelight,
Stuck thinking bout how my rhymes suck, but they're what I'm stuck with
Trnya come up, either this or running drugs. Cause working sucks, fucking waiting on the money, I'ma get it fast or die trying, 50 taught me how to run it. I'm in love with spending it all,
I'll blow a few stacks just at the mall and shit, I'm out for all of it
And anybody in the way gone feel how hard we hit.

Wacha tryna tell me I'm a potential fucking legend, a one man army.
If I was preacher-man, I'd blessed 'em all. God help me. Moms back bunking with the meth heads and I'm on my last 30 bucks
Hurry up fame, I'm getting older by the day, and I'm a loner by my name
So it's only money I can make, blow it on my friends, buy a Benz
secure my moms and myself, and take it easy til I'm dead
that's all I want and that's what I'll get.

Fuck this you gone make me cry, you gone make me think about my whole life
You gone make me wonder if I chose right, You gone make me fuck this bitch tonight, fuck this.
Fuck this, I'ma write you a song, it ain't gone be very long,
Cause I barely write you shit the way it is
Living in the past ain't no way to live. Fuck this.