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A quick mixtape for January that I poured my heart into in almost every aspect, from the terribly EQ'd instrumentals to the wretched vocals, it's all sentimental.

Thank You,



released January 22, 2017

Fuckin' no one but me and my road dogs



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mon Ami
Verse 1:
So much has changed in a year
So much for making it here
I mean I'm grateful but,
Really I just need a change
And a label able to hear me out
Get it in gear; peel out
Get on a tour and make 'em feel it now
Gotta believe it, it's your dream
And your destiny, be damned
If another man got the best of me (nah)
Put it to the test and see, I'm more O.G.
Than a '73 cutlass supreme, Mon Ami;
Take my hand. And we can live life
On the other side. Supper time in
Other time zones, nice homes.
No air BnB, no lease on the rides
Boats, flights private too.
Anything for you and I know
Keep it more real when I'm gone
Sing along to my songs, hit my phone
Let me know, and you'll be on
The next flight to my next show
And fo sho, chauffeur outside
Waiting in the limo
It's still a dream though
But everybody sees your
Boy on his grind shout outs
To B, D, and T yo. And CO
I ain't kiddin' I'ma miss it
But I'm still here for a minute
Try and hit me on them digits, yah.


You say it's just not the right time
But I can see right through your eyes
We'll see just how looks change over night,
Might I say, I'm afraid, I think I've lost my mind

Verse 2:
And I swear I need an explanantion
Why I feel so alone in a room full of faces
I'm supposed to be grateful for friends, right?
But why'd I pick the ones who
Just get jealous and try to pick fights
And it's why I try to keep my distance
Don't need no more fucking friends
Strictly business, gotta kick the kid shit
Oughtta mix it up, fix it up,
And keep 'em all from keeping up
This a deeper love, than what you're used to
Who's crew? Andrew's making you look
Both ways, I, cook all day for the fiends
Read like 3 books just alone this week
And that's me. That's my version of flexing
Let an MC step and then I'll make a mess of 'em
I'll, be a legend like the lake Loch Ness
And, never confess I'm just fronting for the checks
But I'm; Always up for the test, never done
Til' I'm the best, clever enough so I'm next
I can feel it in my gut,
It's got me screaming out my chest,
Our Crew Dont Cough cause We The best
We always hitting up the plug
You know it's always on deck